This is the bottom of Zakharov about the material the Washington Post about the attack in St. Petersburg


TC “Star”

The official representative Maria Zakharova called terrible judgments, reported in the Washington Post about the West’s reaction to the attack in St. Petersburg metro. She stated this at the briefing.

We will remind, in the pages of the American edition, an article appeared which stated that in Europe, almost indifferent attitude to the incident in the subway of St. Petersburg.

“Not without a terrible judgment: “the Russians are not to wait for the same reaction as the terrorist attack in London.” Washington Post. Let us analyze not only the attack, but the nationality of the victims. This is the bottom any longer”, – said Zakharov.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs in his Facebook criticized another publication, the Washington Times, that the publication of the attack stood a photo from the protests that took place in Moscow on March 26.