The number of births of Muslims will outnumber Christians by 2035

The Muslim mothers by 2035 born more children than Christians: 225 million against 224 million, respectively. To such conclusion researchers from the Pew Research Centre, reports The Independent.

While at 2055 2060 the gap may become even more significant and can reach six million. It is also noted that reduced the number of atheists.

This clarifies that no matter what, Christians will still outnumber Muslims.

So, from 2010 to 2015 31 percent of all newborns in the world were Muslims. It is reported that the birth rate among Christians is not falling but is growing less rapidly compared to the followers of the Prophet.

According to the publication, currently one-third of the more than 7 billion population are Christians, followed by Muslims. Another 16 percent are atheists.

In early March of this year the Pew Research Centre has published a forecast according to which Islam will become the most popular religion in the world until the end of the century, outstripping Christianity in number of followers. According to the research center, in 2010, lived in the world 1.6 billion Muslims, accounting for 23 per cent (against 31 per cent of Christians) the total population of the planet.

Currently, the majority of Muslims (62 per cent) live in the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected that in 2050 India will be the country with the largest Muslim population in the world with more than 300 million members of the religion, and in Europe not less than 10 percent of the population will practice Islam.