Tenth frame signed the new Constitution of Thailand

Maha Vachiralongkorn

The king of Thailand Maha Wachiralongkon (Tenth Frame) signed a new Constitution granting more powers to the ruling military junta. On Thursday, April 6, reports The South China Morning Post.

In the Constitution, which became the 20-th, the need for new parliamentary elections, which are expected to be held in the second half of 2018.

It is expected that the document will help to overcome the longstanding political conflict in Thai society. The new Constitution was supported by more than half of Thai nationals in a referendum in August last year.

According to TASS, one of the main innovations is that now the Prime Minister can choose not only from among members of Parliament. The upper house of Parliament during the transitional period will consist of appointed politicians.

In may 2014, Thailand had a military coup, became the answer army in a protracted political crisis. The rebels have promised to carry out deep political reforms and return the country to the path of democracy. Then the Kingdom was adopted by the interim Constitution.

Maha Vachiralongkorn was proclaimed king of Thailand December 1, 2016, almost two months after the death of his father Pumipon Adulyadej (Rama the Ninth). Many subjects of the Kingdom worshiped the previous monarch, considering it a symbol of unity of the country.

Not possessing imperious powers, Bhumibol Adulyadej participated in the resolution of political conflicts in the country. It is believed that the monarch played an important role in the democratization of Thailand in the 1990-ies. In 2006, he supported a military junta that overthrew the government of Thaksin Shinawatra. In may 2014 the king after the military coup appointed General prayuth Chan-OCHA head of the National Council for peace and order.