Russia gave the UN a draft resolution on the Syrian Idlib

Russia gave the UN a draft resolution on the Syrian Idlib

Moscow. 5 APR. INTERFAX.RU — Russia on Wednesday circulated in the UN Security Council a short draft resolution on Syria aimed at investigating the chemical attack in Idlib, in response to the paper submitted by the three Western countries, said the press-Secretary of the Permanent mission to the UN Feodor Strzygowski.


“At today’s meeting SAT zampolpreda Vladimir Safronkov criticized clearly compiled in haste, and very carelessly, the draft resolution on the chemical attack in Syria. Instead, we suggested that your business made a short project aimed for a real investigation, and not on purpose guilty before the facts,” said Strzygowski reporters.

On Tuesday, the Western media reported about air strike on the town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province. The attack was accomplished by the use of ammunition with poisonous agents as a result of it, according to some, killed at least 72 people. The opposition blamed the attack on Syrian government troops. In turn, the Syrian monitoring center for human rights reported that the ammunition was released from the aircraft the government of Syria or the Russian sides.

In Damascus the charges in the attack was rejected. The Russian defense Ministry in turn said that the Syrian air force struck in the Khan Shaykhun in the warehouse of ammunition of terrorists and the accumulation of military equipment.

“On the territory of this warehouse were workshops for the manufacture of bombs, stuffed with poisonous substances. With the largest Arsenal of ammunition with chemical weapons delivered by fighters into Iraq. Their use by terrorists has been repeatedly proved both by international organizations and official authorities of this country”, — said the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov.