In the United States held a farewell ceremony with Yevtushenko

In the United States held a farewell ceremony with Yevtushenko

Farewell ceremony with the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko ended in the U.S. city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. About this one writer, the writer Mikhail Morgulis told RIA Novosti on Thursday, 6 April.

13фотографий13фотографий13фотографийАтмосфера was wonderful, everything was very touching, many were crying. Sons Eugene A. Sasha and Zhenya read his poems: one was performed in Russian, the other translated to English.Michael Margolisbecker

According to him, to say goodbye to Yevtushenko came about 600 people, including Consul General of Russia in Houston (Texas) Alexander Zakharov.

The participants of the ceremony showed a video of a song performed by musician Sergey Nikitin in verse Yevtushenko “With me that’s what’s happening” from the movie “Irony of fate or With light steam!” directed by Eldar Ryazanov.

5 APR widow of the poet Maria announced that in 2017 it will be released latest novel, “Bering tunnel”, on which he worked before his death.

Yevtushenko died in the US on 1 April from cardiac arrest during sleep, the next day after hospitalization. He was 84 years old. According to Morgulis, the author was suffering from cancer in an irreversible form. In the United States, the poet had lived since 1991. Yevtushenko asked to be buried in Peredelkino near the grave of Boris Pasternak.