In the Moscow orphanage gave seven foster children from Kaliningrad from-for refusal in payments

In the Moscow orphanage gave seven foster children from Kaliningrad from-for refusal in payments

Moscow authorities suspected the family Mercantile interests receive higher payments for each child, and to obtain flats for each of the children.

MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. The foster family, who moved from Kaliningrad to Moscow, brought seven children to the orphanage because they were unable to achieve higher social payments from the local authorities. This was told to journalists by the Director of the Center for promotion of family education “Our house”, member of the Advisory Board under the government of the Russian Federation Vadim Menshov. In the centre the guardianship on Friday, March 31, gave seven children from one foster family that had moved from the region to Moscow.

“Last Friday, the parents returned seven children aged three to 12 years. The guardianship is offered to parents to sign a document that they seized children, but the parents refused to sign and stated that return of the children themselves,” — said Menchov.

On a question of journalists, why foster parents abandoned children, Menchov said, “Because they are out of town, the Moscow authorities refused to issue a “foster family” and pay them a salary. Children receive only the monthly payments in the amount of 18 thousand roubles on one child,” he added. Thus, according to him, when making a foster family in Moscow, “salary” parents can reach 85 thousand roubles on the child. To give the name of the adoptive parents and the children, he refused on ethical grounds.

To return to the region

The head of the Department of social protection of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan, in turn, resented the fact that foster parents make on children business.

“Came from the regions to Moscow, why Moscow needs to keep them here in Moscow? Seven children, which five years later, I had to give seven apartments in Moscow. Why is that? These are children who were born, grew up, came to the state organization of the Kaliningrad region, why they have to bring and leave in Moscow?”, — Petrosyan told reporters in response to a request to comment on the situation.

“They were not paid Moscow the money, they wanted Moscow to get money, and pay only the regional, but then, if he took not on his heart, and for business, you’ll excuse me…” — said the head of the Moscow Department.

According to him, cases such as the one that occurred on Friday in Moscow.

“At 16.5 years old baby suddenly delivered and left in Moscow. Imagine the child in 1,5 years to get an apartment in Moscow. Guys, not done so. Write letters to the regions, they do not take their children back. Why?” he said.

Petrosyan noted that foster families should “not to fight with Moscow, and to fight with their authorities” to the regions created the necessary conditions.

“Money, as we find out, we all have, in each region in accordance with the number of the population that lives there, only need to be able to distribute them, including on social programs, as is done in Moscow,” — said Petrosyan.

The head of the center “Our house” Menshov told the journalists that he discussed the situation with the return of seven children of Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets. The head of the Department of social protection Vladimir Menshov added that they agreed with the Deputy Prime Minister to send her a letter with suggestions how to solve this situation.

“Our proposal to the region took their children back”, — said Petrosyan.

Migration statistics

Previously, the Department of social protection of Moscow, TASS reported that as of the end of 2016 in Moscow in the families of guardians and foster parents was brought up more than 4 thousand non-resident children. In 2014 in the capital from other regions arrived 788 children in 2015 — 854 child, in 2016 — 688 children. According to city officials, the reason for the move is often Mercantile interest of the parents, not child care. At city hall I believe that we need the Federal order of appointment of funds for the maintenance of children in case of moving from region to region, and to move the family may only if she has a place to live in Moscow and these terms are acceptable to children.

Payments on children-orphans

The problem of financial support for adoptive families has become a subject of journalistic materials. The greatest benefits have a family that custody of the children with disability. Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” wrote that the monthly income of unemployed parents who took in a family of three disabled children, is in Moscow 253 thousand rubles. In the Moscow region, this family receives a little more than 150 thousand rubles. For example, in the Rostov region the foster family, who took three disabled children receives 67 thousand rubles, which is almost four times less than in Moscow.

At the same time, experts in the field of social orphanhood note that falsely accuse foster families in self-interest, means to jeopardize the plans of the state in family device of orphans in Russia.

“It is clear that protected the budget, but no one will be better. After all, the cherish money, which solve the problem of social orphanhood. So why all the statements, declarations, decree 481 of the activities of organizations for orphans, why the “law of Dima Yakovlev”, — said earlier the member of the Council under Ministry of education and science for children-orphans and children left without parental care, Alexander Gezalov.