In Surgut in the neighborhood with kindergarten posted funeral homes

Meeting of the serpcci

In Surgut (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) in the same building as the kindergarten opened salon of ritual services. The mayor of the city Vadim Shuvalov on his page in Facebook has promised to look into this story.

“The owner of the building, part of which rents kindergarten “Gulliver”, has allowed a tenant of the center of ritual services. It turned out that one door in kindergarten, the other with a “ritual”. The children go for a walk and see how will wear wreaths and coffins,” Shuvalov described the situation. The mayor stated that the institutions of pre-school age is the responsibility of the city, so he took the matter to the control.

In the comments of a post of the mayor of one of the residents of Surgut noticed that kindergarten and funeral home co-exist for more than a year. According to him, with the situation back in the fall acquainted the children’s Ombudsman County Tatiana Mohovikova, however, to rectify the situation failed.

In December 2016 in the centre for the protection of the rights of consumers in sphere of ritual services “Verum” has published the data about what Russians still do not perceive the work of these agencies as a service, the quality of which businessmen are responsible to the consumer. Dishonest entrepreneurs to use the confusion of people who have lost loved ones, pulling the money for unnecessary or nonexistent services, overcharge, exposing the uncontested proposals. Also agents such firms often play along with the police, doctors and employees of morgues.