In Libya freed in prison 35 African women

Libyan authorities released 28 women originally from Eritrea and seven from Nigeria, who was in detention after they managed to escape from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). The extremists were holding them in sexual slavery in the Libyan city of Sirte, reports The Independent.

“I’m so happy, no words to describe my joy. I love to see family and will be able to start a new life” — leads the publication the words of 14-year-old girl, was released to freedom.

According to former prisoners, extremists forced them to accept Islam, and then sold to different fighters. They were humiliated and starved. After the women managed to escape, they were detained by the representatives of the Libyan authorities and sent for a few months in jail in order to detect the presence of terrorist ties.

How long women were held captive by the militants is not specified. We only know that most of them managed to escape in December, when the Libyan government repulsed the rebels of Sirte.

Sirte — the city where he was born and killed former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Since 2011, the city was constantly in the midst of the fighting during clashes between supporters of Gaddafi and the rebels, and then during the civil war. In the spring of 2015 was captured by militants IG. As a result of constant shelling in Sirte there is not a single building.