Fit used rocket SpaceX showed in the video

Fit used rocket SpaceX showed in the video

Company SpaceX published on Wednesday, April 5, on his page in Instagram video with the landing of a Falcon 9 rocket with a used first stage.


The launch and landing took place on 30 March. This is the first demonstration of the achievements of the company, since the video stream was interrupted during the landing of the rocket.

Publication from SpaceX (@spacex) APR 4 2017 7:16 PDT

Heavy carrier rocket with a multi-purpose telecommunications satellite SES-10 was launched from Cape Canaveral. Nine minutes later the first stage successfully landed on a platform in the Atlantic ocean. SpaceX founder Elon Musk called the successful launch of Falcon 9 with a used stage “revolution in space flight”.

SpaceX plans in 2017 to produce 27 commercial and civil launches and test launches of heavy rockets, the Falcon Heavy and Dragon V2 spacecraft.