The European Commission will continue to obstruct the “Nord stream-2”


TASS/Jens Bьttner

The European Commission (EC) does not leave attempts to prevent the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. The most likely option may be the refusal of environmental permits countries must go through the pipeline. It follows from the explanations of the European regulator “news” on the letter of Agency heads of energy agencies of Sweden and Denmark, experts believe.

The European Commission last week sent a letter to the energy Ministers of Denmark and Sweden, to explain the position of “Northern stream-2”. The EC admitted that she “did not like the project politically”, but to let him there is no legal basis.

The European Commission representative said “news” that, despite the fact that “Nord stream-2” cannot be prohibited by law, the Agency may use other methods.

— There is no legitimate reason that the European Commission opposed the “Nord stream-2”, as its marine part is not subject to the provisions of the EU Third energy package. However, the EC will support the EU in the analysis of the application of environmental legislation and public procurement relating to the project where necessary, — has declared “news” the representative of the EC.

Thus, the European Commission refers to the loopholes in the legislation that might hinder the project, assured the Deputy Director IK “Finam” Yaroslav Kabakov and analyst of IFC Markets Dmitry Lukashov.

— To prohibit the project difficult, but to write a few letters, in which case that will allow officials in General would not be responsible, please. A similar process, apparently, we are now witnessing — said Kabakov.

The expert added that one should not underestimate the European bureaucrats.

The EC stressed that they will insist that in the future, the EU Council signed a legal mandate with Russia, which will be used in projects such as “Nord stream-2”. The EC also added that he does not see the need for new infrastructure and the scale of the “Nord stream-2”.

In “Gazprom” recommended to address for comments in 2 Nord Stream AG.

Nord Stream 2 is in compliance with all applicable laws, so there is no reason to assume any claim in this respect, — noted in a press-service of the operator.

The project will be implemented in full compliance with the present legal framework consists of EU legislation, intergovernmental conventions and national laws, said the company Nord Stream AG, 2.

The construction of “Nord stream-2” has a substantial economic background: consumption of gas in Europe is growing and the trend will continue in 2017, says Lukashov.

— In addition, it supports the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Pro-American forces in the major EU countries, — says the analyst.

However, in Germany in September will be held parliamentary elections that could change the country’s position on the project.

— If the power in Germany will come in force, not satisfied with its position, the European Commission, it will be necessary loopholes to counter the construction of “Nord stream-2”, — said Lukashov.

Now everything depends on Germany’s position, agreed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “CREON energy” fares Kilzie.

— “Nord stream-2” in theory can not only increase Germany’s dependence on deliveries from Russia more than 40%, but for a long time to secure for Germany the position of the largest gas hub in Europe, — the expert believes.

The EU now seeks to exercise its influence as the world’s largest consumer of energy to reduce dependence on equity (35%) of Russian gas imports, says fares Kilzie. That is why some members of the Commission are skeptical about the construction of “Nord stream-2”, referring to the fact that this project could undermine the objectives of the EU in the energy sphere.

In the case of the first phase of “Nord stream” Russia has spent more than €100 million for environmental review, said the fares Kilzie.

— In addition to environmental reservations, the opponents of the “Nord stream-2” can apply a number of legislative restrictions, including to determine the scope of any agreements before they are signed on public procurement, which will become the inspections of the members of the Commission on legality, — suggests the expert.

Despite the fact that the European Commission has lost its leverage on the project by using the Third energy package, now she’s trying to enlist the support of countries that are indirectly involved in the project, said research Director Vygon Consulting Maria Belova.

— Ideally, the EC would like to receive a mandate for negotiations with Russia on the pipeline at least part of these States, acting on their pain points. For example, it is known that the Nordic countries are very important environmental issues, she said.

However, the presence of successfully implemented project “Nord stream”, a copy of which will be discussed today, the pipeline that knocks the cards from the hands and the EC, and potentially these countries, according to Maria Belova. As at the time they all gave positive ecological conclusion on project implementation.

EK wants to take on the role of negotiator with Russia to avoid a legal vacuum, agrees with Maria Belova, Deputy Director, group corporate ratings ACRA Basil Tanurkov. In his opinion, it may even be beneficial for Russia, because the position of the EC in relation to the project is clearly much more favorable than, for example, Denmark, which will have to negotiate, if this feature will not be forwarded to the EC.