The court arrested the former head of Udmurtia Solovyov

The court arrested the former head of Udmurtia Solovyov

MOSCOW, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. Basmanny court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of the former head of Udmurtia Alexander Solovyov accused of bribery to 140 million rubles, RIA news from the courtroom.

“Elect against the accused Soloviev 1950 a measure of restraint in form of detention”, — announced the decision of the judge Artur Karpov.

He explained that if a milder measure of restraint Solovyov will be able to use his connections with the law enforcement officials and officials to exert pressure on the investigation, to threaten witnesses, some of whom were his subordinates, as well as escape in Spain, where his family has property.

The judge set the term of arrest till June 4

Thus, the court rejected the request Solovyov and his lawyer on house arrest. The lawyer explained that her client, who a year ago had a kidney removed, need constant medical supervision and receive specific drugs.

Solovyov himself his position on the matter did not say. But the investigator explained that the former head of Udmurtia not pleaded guilty and refused to testify.

However, his fault, according to an employee of BCC, confirmed by the testimony of witnesses, including former Deputy Minister of transport and full namesake of the accused. “The investigation is at an early stage, there are interrogations,” said the investigator.

On Tuesday, the militiamen detained the head of the Udmurt Republic Solovyov on suspicion of taking bribes to 140 million rubles in the construction of bridges over the rivers Kama and Bui the city kambarki. A criminal case was initiated, subsequently, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has deprived Solovyov from the post in connection with loss of trust.

According to investigators, during 2014-2016, the head of Udmurtia received from representatives of the company, which was engaged in the construction of bridges, 139 million rubles

In addition, the officer allegedly got a share of the commercial organization cost of 2.7 million rubles.

Investigators believe that the head Warbler was to provide an extraordinary payment from the Federal and regional budgets, as well as to allocate licenses for geological study, exploration and extraction of sand and sand-gravel mixture.