Kadyrov signed a law allowing Schoolgirls to wear the hijab

Kadyrov signed a law allowing Schoolgirls to wear the hijab The bill emphasizes that wearing national dress is allowed, if it is not contrary to Federal law, it doesn’t harm or violate the rights and freedoms of others. GROZNY, April 4. /TASS/. The head of Chechnya signed the Parliament adopted amendments to the law “On education in the Chechen Republic” according to which schools will have the right to establish requirements to clothes disciples. It will enter into force after ten days after day of official publication in the local press, said the press service of the regional Parliament. The bill emphasizes the right of students to wear clothes or symbols according to folk traditions and religious beliefs, if not inconsistent with Federal law, does not harm their health and does not violate the rights and freedoms of others. “The appropriate local normative act of an educational institution shall take

FAS recognized the largest mobile operators violators because of the prices on SMS

FAS recognized the largest mobile operators violators because of the prices on SMS FAS recognized the tariffs for the service of SMS-mailing “MegaFon”, MTS, “VimpelCom” (operates under the brand “Beeline”) and “T2 mobile” (Tele2) violating the law “On protection of competition”. Service ordered the company to change the price of SMS-informing. As stated in a report published on Tuesday, April 4, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), the Agency acknowledged “MegaFon”, MTS, “VympelCom” and “mobile T2” (“a daughter” “T2 RTK Holding”) violated part 1, article 10 of the law “On protection of competition”. It prohibited the acts or omissions of the company occupying a dominant position, which can be a restriction, elimination of competition, infringement of interests of other persons in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities or of indefinite range of consumers. Assessment of analytical company AC&M, these operators held a total of 99% of the mobile market as at 31

People from Chechnya with explosives was detained on the Turkish-Syrian border

Turkish authorities detained a native of Chechnya, who tried to illegally enter the country from Syria. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency referring to the Agency statement by the Turkish General staff. “While attempting illegal border crossings from Syria to Turkey in the area of PPC Inonly (Kilis province) on April 4, were arrested 18 people, including 10 men, four women and four children. Among the detainees was a native of Chechnya, who was carrying 1.5 kilograms of explosives, detonators and two grenades,” — said the Agency. Law enforcement officers believe that the native of the Chechen Republic planned to make Turkey a terrorist attack. 29 March, Ankara announced the successful completion of the operation “shield of the Euphrates”, in which the country’s armed forces took the border town of Jerablus on the Euphrates river, cleared of militants “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), a 100-kilometer section of the border,

South Korea announced the launch in the DPRK, “an unidentified missile”

Archive photo North Korea launched in the sea of Japan “unidentified missile” from the area of the port city of Shinpo on the East coast of the country. About it reports “Yonhap”, citing sources in the Ministry of defense of South Korea. The representative of the defense Ministry of Japan confirmed that they had recorded the launch, presumably a ballistic missile. The launch took place ahead of a meeting with U.S. President Donald trump with the President of China XI Jinping. Among other issues on the agenda is a discussion of North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. The day before trump said that the US alone will deal with the issue of North Korea, if China is not going to do that. “China has a huge influence on North Korea, and she must decide whether to help us with North Korea or not. If they decide to help, it will

The UN security Council will hold an April 5 hearing on chemical attack in Syria

The UN Security Council will hold on Wednesday, April 5, emergency open meeting to discuss reports of a chemical attack, allegedly committed in the Syrian province of Idlib. About it as transfers TASS, announced by the US permanent representative Nikki Haley, who is presiding in the security Council this month. According to her, the session will be held in the format of a public briefing at 10:00 (17:00 GMT). “We’ll take the briefing and consultations on Colombia for the second half of the day to hold an emergency meeting, and we hope to get as much information on the attack in Syria,” said Haley. To convene an emergency meeting of the security Council demanded the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France on Tuesday, April 4, the same day when it became known about the “gas attack”. It was claimed that the planes dropped on the opposition controlled town of Khan

Alexander Brechalov appointed acting head of the Udmurt Republic

Alexander Brechalov Continued: Brechalov said in Udmurtia The President of Russia Vladimir Putin was appointed Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov, the acting head of the Udmurt Republic. It is reported TASS with reference to press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday, April 4. Earlier on Tuesday it became known that the head of the Republic Alexander Solovyov dismissed in connection with loss of trust. About excitation concerning it criminal case on suspicion in receiving a bribe became known on the same day. According to investigators, in the period from 2014 through 2016, he got about 139 million rubles from representatives of organizations engaged in the construction of bridges. The Governor also gave reward “in the form of shares in the commercial organization cost of 2.7 million rubles”, according to the TFR. In early March, Alexander Brechalov at a press conference in TASS announced that

In the state Duma responded to the protest in Kiev against military conscription in the Crimea

Yuri Svitkin Moscow is likely to leave without an official response, the protest in Kiev against military conscription in the Crimea, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin. His prognosis he shared in an interview with “Tape.ru” on Tuesday, April 4. “The appeal will be rigorous. The calm reaction of our planned work to ensure the spring conscription”, — said the MP. He stressed that residents of the Crimea to serve along with other Russians. “The guys called from the territory of Crimea, this year will serve not only on the Peninsula but also in other subjects of the Russian Federation, where is located the military unit,” — said Switchin. Earlier Tuesday, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with intention of Russia to be held in Crimea the call to military service. According to authorities, is contrary to international law. For military service in 2017

Lipetsk Governor complained dozing Ilya Muromets

Oleg Korolev The Governor of the Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev considers that in the world now there is an active confrontation between good and evil. His thoughts he shared on his Twitter page on Tuesday, April 4. — Oleg Korolev (@Korolev_O_P) 04 April 2017, 13:20 However, he expressed confidence that “the world is ruled by good.” In his opinion, people appreciate good only when there is a counterweight in the form of evil. A day earlier, commenting on the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro, Oleg Korolev wrote on Twitter: “what’s the FISHING? Prompting kind to his awakening?” (the spelling of the author of the saving — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). In the comments at the head of the region asked to clarify his thought, but detailed explanations are not followed. 27 Feb Lipetsk Governor called the inevitable victory of good over evil. A month before that on Twitter he

Intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan spoke about the possible perpetrators of terrorist acts in the subway

Intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan spoke about the possible perpetrators of terrorist acts in the subway Likely perpetrator of the terrorist act in the subway of Saint-Petersburg was a Russian citizen, a native of Kyrgyzstan, said the security services of the Republic. As previously reported “Interfax”, the suicide bomber acted alone. “Kommersant” pointed to the fact that the explosion was preparing an organized group. Latest topic: TFR called the name of the bombed St. Petersburg, terroristAttack in the subway of Saint-Petersburg+7 (812) 299-99-99Телефон trust of EMERCOM of Russia in St.-Petersburgerstrasse+7 (495) 983-79-01Справочная EMERCOM of the Russian Federation+7 (499) 216-99-99Единый helpline MOE РФ3 April about 14:40 GMT on the stretch between the stations “Institute of Technology” and “Sennaya Ploschad’”, Saint-Petersburg subway explosion occurred in the train. 11 people died on the spot, three more died from wounds in hospitals of the city. Official site of GU of EMERCOM of Russia in St.

St. Petersburg metro has resumed work in full

St. Petersburg metro has resumed work in full St. PETERSBURG, 4 APR — RIA Novosti. Saint Petersburg metro on Tuesday morning resumed work in full after the attack, according to the administration of the Governor. Latest topic: TFR called the name of the bombed St. Petersburg, terrorist17фотографий17фотографий17фотографий “Saint Petersburg metro in the morning started in full: all lines and stations”, — stated in the message. However, according to the information of administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg to 10 a.m. will continue the movement of buses doubles on route 2 M (60 buses from the metro station “Petrogradskaya” station “Moskovskaya”). Reinforced and altered the routes of urban electric transport will operate all day. The explosion in the subway in Saint Petersburg Publication from Denis (@denvicious) APR 3 2017 5:19 PDT Publication of AnnaSmirnaya ? (@anna_smirnaya) APR 3 2017 5:43 PDT Tecnologica now. #Explosion pic.twitter.com/P7LL8kXpHr — Nikita Pavlov (@pavlov_plov) 3