One of the false calls about a bomb in the subway of St. Petersburg made a 12-year-old girl

One of the anonymous, reported April 4 on suspicious objects on the metro stations in St. Petersburg, was 12-year-old girl. About it reports a press-service of the Ombudsman for the rights of the child in St. Petersburg Svetlana Agapitovoj.

The girl called the police at about 17:00 and said that at the metro station “Victory Park” there can be an explosion, the platform was blocked for verification. “The caller quickly figured out: she was a fifth grader of one of schools of the Moscow district. Because the girl’s mother was away from school she was taken to the social “Transit” orphanage”, — noted in press service.

The girl said that this morning on my way to school I saw at the station orphan black bag, but decided not to immediately notify an adult. Thoughts about a possible bomb was bugging her, and she dialed the police.

In the Transit noted that Schoolgirls are the features of the development. “That’s probably why she didn’t let them know about the incident immediately. But in light of recent events and calls for increased vigilance, her behavior is understandable,” added in the device Agapitovoj.

Security measures on transport have been strengthened after the terrorist attack that took place in St. Petersburg on the afternoon of 3 April. In the train on the stretch between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology” 22-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov, a few years ago to obtain Russian citizenship, brought into action an explosive device. Killing 14 people, injured more than 40. Another homemade bomb was discovered and defused at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”.