Motels, high-rise buildings, brutalism: instagram for lovers of Soviet architecture

Motels, high-rise buildings, brutalism: instagram for lovers of Soviet architecture

Four instagram is public, which will be interesting to fans of Soviet architecture: the planetarium, recreation center, bus stop and austere style sleeping areas.

Brutgroup community of connoisseurs of architecture of modernism and of the severe style

If this instagram — collected from all over the world selection of professional images of the architecture of brutalism, from the panorama of high-rise buildings block the Yakut city peace to the outdoor pools in the desert of Morocco, continues the theme of Facebook already you can find and share articles on urbanism or on specific samples of post-modernism.

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The building of the Ministry of highways of the Georgian SSR, 1975

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Panorama of the city peace and careers the World, Yakutia

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Complex “Haludovo Palace hotel”, Croatia, 1972

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The boarding house “Friendship” in Yalta, 1985

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“Round house” on Nezhinskaya street, Moscow, 1972

MCMXXXV: the art and culture of the USSR 1930-1950-ies

In addition to the buildings specified period there are also many fragments of mosaics, sculptural groups, all high-rise buildings from different angles and cover the Soviet books and journals in urban planning.

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The building of people’s Commissariat of light industry of the USSR on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, Moscow, 1928-1936

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Green theatre at VDNKH, Moscow, 1939-1954

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Residential building on Tverskaya street, Moscow, 1949

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North river terminal, Moscow, 1937

Socialistmodernism platform of the eponymous site about the architectural heritage of socialist modernism 1955-1991 years

The project BACU (Bureau for the study of art and architecture) study, popularitydue and thus protect from destruction the monuments of architecture erected on the territory of the former Eastern bloc. The project is ambitious, but, alas, an empty site where the map of Europe with location of parks and monuments, although interesting to follow the instagram, which is actively updated.

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The house-monument of the Bulgarian socialist party, mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria, 1981

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Fashion house, Minsk, Belarus, 1960-1970

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The Museum of Aeronautics, Belgrade, Serbia, 1975-1989

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Stadthalle, Chemnitz, Germany, 1969-1974

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Tower Genex, Belgrade, Serbia, 1977

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Almaty schoolchildren’s Palace, Alma-ATA, 1983

Soviet Sanatoriums — pablik across a book about the still active Soviet health resorts

Instagram and the Facebook page was created as a promotional photo gallery about the remaining from the Soviet era, but still working medical spas: exteriors, interiors, baths, and guests then and now.

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Sanatorium “Aurora”, Kyrgyzstan, 1979

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The Belarus Sanatorium, Sochi, 1937

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One of the sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, Georgia