Mélenchon won the debate of candidates in presidents of France

The candidate in presidents of France Jean-Luc Mélenchon won last Tuesday April 4 election debates, according to a survey conducted by Elabe for TV channel BFMTV. For representing the left movement “Unconquered France” Mélenchon voted 25 percent of respondents.

Emmanuel macron, representing the movement “Forward”, took second place with 21 percent of the votes, the top three with 15 percent rounded out by former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, of the far-right marine Le Pen was fourth with 11 percent. In the past the debate was attended by all 11 contenders for the top job.

However, writes “Interfax”, the results of this survey greatly differ from the results of the online poll conducted by the French media. For example, in the online edition of Figaro, 52 percent of respondents expressed a preference Fillon, whereas Mélenchon has gained 16 percent.

Election of the President of France will be held on 23 April, the second round, if necessary, will take place on 7 may. The main candidates are considered to be Emmanuel macron, françois Fillon and marine Le Pen.

In respect of the spouse of Penelope Fillon on March 28, had launched a formal investigation on the case of fictitious employment. Two weeks before this investigation was opened in relation to the visit. He is suspected in embezzlement and waste of public funds. Later he was also suspected of fraud with aggravating circumstances.