Lisova lawyer questioned the legality of his detention in Spain

Oleg Gubarev

The arrest in Spain of a citizen of Russia Stanislav Lisova, the suspect in the United States in the development of malicious software could be made illegal. In an interview with TASS said the lawyer of the Russian citizen Oleg Gubarev.

“Having examined the case on the extradition of Stanislaus Lisova in the US, we have come to believe that there is a possibility of violation of the rights of our client, which might have delayed illegally”, — said the lawyer. According to him, the foxes have been arrested in Spain on 13 January this year, and the order of his detention dated the 19th day of the same month. According to Gubareva, the decision of the Spanish court figures preliminary decision on detention made previously, but transferred to the United States materials this solution is not given and is not even mentioned.

“We have filed a complaint to the Spanish court to request from the American side the decision on the basis of which the detention was made. If such a decision is not provided, we are entitled to demand the recognition of the extradition process is not valid with all the ensuing consequences,” — said the lawyer.

On March 14, the lawyer said that the U.S. side handed over to the authorities of the Kingdom of the documents necessary for extradition of the programmer. Gubarev assured that if the Spanish court accepts the decision to extradite his client, the defense will appeal against the verdict. The procedure may take 4 to 10 months.

Programmer from Taganrog Stanislav Lisov was detained at the airport of Barcelona at the request of the FBI and Interpol on suspicion of involvement in hacking attacks on January 13.