Lipetsk Governor complained dozing Ilya Muromets

Oleg Korolev

The Governor of the Lipetsk region Oleg Korolev considers that in the world now there is an active confrontation between good and evil. His thoughts he shared on his Twitter page on Tuesday, April 4.

Oleg Korolev (@Korolev_O_P)
04 April 2017, 13:20

However, he expressed confidence that “the world is ruled by good.” In his opinion, people appreciate good only when there is a counterweight in the form of evil.

A day earlier, commenting on the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro, Oleg Korolev wrote on Twitter: “what’s the FISHING? Prompting kind to his awakening?” (the spelling of the author of the saving — approx. “Of the”). In the comments at the head of the region asked to clarify his thought, but detailed explanations are not followed.

27 Feb Lipetsk Governor called the inevitable victory of good over evil. A month before that on Twitter he urged residents to actively feed the birds.