Abe called the next provocation North Korea’s missile launch

Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the next test of North Korean ballistic missiles in the sea of Japan is a serious provocation. Reported by the Japan Times.

“This clearly violates the resolution of the UN Security Council, such actions are unacceptable,” said Abe.

According to him, Japan, in close cooperation with the United States and South Korea will take all possible steps to protect the public “from any possible attacks,” given the increasing aggression by the DPRK.

The publication notes that North Korea conducted another missile test on the eve of the scheduled on 6 and 7 April summit of the leaders of the United States and China, Donald trump and President XI Jinping, which, as expected, the topic of weapons programs in North Korea will be a key.

Earlier, on 5 April it was reported that North Korea launched in the sea of Japan “unidentified missile” from the area of the port city of Shinpo on the East coast of the country.

A month earlier, North Korea conducted multiple launches of missiles, calling it an exercise strikes against American bases in Japan. These tests violate the resolutions of the UN security Council.