The remains of an ancient pyramid discovered South of Cairo

The remains of an ancient pyramid discovered South of Cairo

Researchers estimate that the pyramid was built during the reign of the XIII dynasty pharaohs.

CAIRO, April 3. /Offset. Dean Drunk TASS/. The remains of the ancient Egyptian pyramid period, Dating from the seventeenth century BC was discovered by archaeologists South of Cairo. This was announced by the Ministry of antiquities of the country. According to the head of the Department of antiquities Mahmoud Afifi, an Egyptian archaeological mission working in the area of the pyramids Dahshur 40 km from the Egyptian capital, found during the excavations fragments of the pyramid, which, according to estimates, was erected during the reign of the XIII dynasty pharaohs.

Sand the cleared items entrance portal with descending stairs, the experts noted the good condition of the detected structures

According to archaeologists, it is part of a corridor in the inner part of the pyramid that goes up to one of the burial chambers. “Work has to be done, — said the Director of the Museum complex at Dahshur Adel Okasha. Archaeologists will continue excavations with a view to the possible discovery of the remaining structures of the ancient pyramid”.

Archaeologists also found a small plate made of alabaster with a size of 17 by 15 cm with hieroglyphics, the deciphering of which will help to shed light on the history of the pyramids and tell about its creators.

On the XIII dynasty pharaohs (1794-1645 BC) of the so-called second transition period, little is known. The science is still not exactly able to establish the chronology of the names of its representatives, as available scientists, the sources are few and significantly damaged. According to history, the pharaohs of this dynasty were from Thebes, and the time of their rule is described as the era of riots and chaos, but Egypt remained fairly stable government. The capital of the country in that period was Itaui near modern Pauma.