The passengers refused to let the plane as a terrorist bearded

Ilyas Nikitin

Ilyas Nikitin and mentioned in the media as the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, missed the flight from Vnukovo. In comments to the Agency IslamNews Nikitin claims that it happened because of the protests of the frightened passengers.

According to the man, he passed passport control, but could not pass in the plane. Employees of the airport security failed to resolve the situation, and the man had to miss the flight. The money for the ticket was returned to him.

“The airline has said that he will not be able to put me on that plane. I hope tomorrow morning to fly another aircraft,” — said Nikitin. He added that when departing Tuesday morning from St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport to Moscow such problems had not arisen.

Photos of Nikitin, a bearded man in Muslim robes as one of the suspects in committing a terrorist act, appeared in the media on Monday, April 3. He came to police and declared his innocence of this crime immediately after I saw myself in pictures in the press.

Law enforcement agencies have established the identity of the perpetrator of the terrorist act. The Investigative Committee (IC) confirmed that the crime was committed by 22-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov. According to the UK, Jalilov left the second bomb in the bag at the station “Ploshchad Rebellion”, and then made undermining in the train, EN route from “Sennaya square” to the “Technological Institute”.

The victims were 14 people.