The FBI will create a special Department in Russia, told the FT

The FBI will create a special Department in Russia, told the FT

MOSCOW, 3 APR — RIA Novosti. FBI plans to create a special unit that will coordinate the investigation of “Russian interference” in the elections, the Financial Times reports.

According to the source, the work of the division will also aim to provide the Director of the FBI James Komi Republic additional opportunities to access the details of the investigation.

“It (the unit — ed.) is designed to increase resources,” said one of the FBI agents.

As writes the edition, the Bureau generally prefers to investigate one of its 56 offices. However, according to current and former officials, to investigate “the Russian intervention” in the presidential elections the Central leader.

Financial Times notes that the division will be based in the headquarters of FBI in Washington and will begin work next month

It is expected to monitor the operation of the service will be a specialist in counterintelligence, which will be once a week to report on the work done Komi and every day report to the Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe. In total, the Department will include 20 agents, convened from across the country.

According to the newspaper, FBI investigators will also assess the possibility of a criminal case. However, many pessimistic about these prospects because of the difficulty of obtaining evidence from the Russian side.

Previously, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that the Bureau is investigating “Russian intervention” in elections and “when the election campaign trump with Russia.”

Moscow has repeatedly denied allegations of U.S. intelligence in trying to influence U.S. elections. Media reports that representatives of the headquarters of Donald trump constantly communicating with the Russian intelligence service, the Kremlin called unfounded.