The electoral Commission of Ecuador Lenin Moreno was named the winner of the presidential election

The national electoral Council of Ecuador Juan Pablo Pozo declared victory in the presidential election the candidate of the ruling left bloc “Alliance Country” Lenin Moreno. On Tuesday, April 4, reports channel Telesur.

As told Poso, after the counting of 99.65% of the votes we can talk about irreversible official results of second round of elections. According to him, the former Vice-President Moreno received support 51,16% of voters, his opponent, Guillermo Lasso scored 48,84%.

Monday, April 3, supporters of opposition candidate Lasso rioted in the streets, speaking against the victory of Moreno. To disperse the rebellious crowd, the police used tear gas. Lasso said that he was going to seek a recount. In his words, “citizens of Ecuador do not recognize the announced results, so they are already out on the street.”

The second round of presidential elections in Ecuador took place April 2. The first stage of voting, which took place on 19 February, was inconclusive. Moreno then scored 36.2% of the votes and Lasso — 26.1 percent of the votes. The President-elect will take office on may 24. The mandate of the head of state for four years.

Moreno supports the continuation of the socially oriented policy of Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorian promotion of goods on foreign markets and increasing access to quality education.