Putin: existing restrictions on the Internet is enough

Putin: existing restrictions on the Internet is enough

President Vladimir Putin at the media forum of the Russian popular forum (onf) “Truth and justice” asked the question whether Russia to follow the Chinese model limitations of the Internet.

“Mind can not understand Russia, no yardstick to measure, we always have your way,” said Putin, Recalling that all countries go their own way.

There are trends and rules, and Russia, too, is in them, he said. “Dressed in rags of quasistable (on the Internet. — Approx. “Vedomosti”) does not anymore,” he said.

“We should not criticize what is happening in China — there are half a billion people, try to direct them”, — said Putin.

Automatic stuffing need to stop, the state must bear in mind, he continued. “We have restrictions that function, although there were concerns about banning everything. Many believe that this is not enough, but sensitive things the government should work together with the community. In my opinion, these restrictions enough”, — said Putin.