Physicians concerned about the health of the child “with three parents”

Physicians concerned about the health of the child “with three parents”

The authors of the acclaimed operation in which the Mexico-born child, bearing the genetic information of three people who published a paper with the details of treatment and possible consequences of treatment. The study was published in the journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online.

It is assumed that the technology of using the DNA of three people should allow women with genetic disorders have healthy babies. In operation the nucleus of a patient with the syndrome of the LEU was replaced by taken from healthy women. Modified from fertilized eggs developed an embryo. The child was born in April of 2016.

However, the most important question will be whether this therapy negative consequences for the health of the child, the study said. The percentage of mitochondrial DNA left over from mother, varies from 2% to 9% in different tissues of the child. However, more detailed examination is impossible, because the parents refused further tests, if it is not caused by medical problems.

According to researchers, the benefits of treatment is limited by the fact that doctors can’t trace a boy’s health as they grow up. “The excitement around this method of treatment and the assertion that this is a way of treatment takes place while we know very little about its consequences,” — said the expert on work with stem cells Deitrich egli.