Muscovite Ferrari was disqualified for 20 months for refusing medical examination

Refusing to undergo the medical examination the driver of the Ferrari Alexei Zvezdelina stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, has deprived of a driving licence for 20 months and fined 30 thousand rubles. This decision was made by the world court of the Tver district of Moscow, RIA Novosti reported with reference to press Secretary Anastasia Jurco.

Compiled on Zvezdelina the Protocol on violation of part 1 of article 12.26 of the administrative code, recognized lawful and justified. The meeting was not a violator or his representatives.

Zvezdelina stopped in the center of Moscow on the morning of 5 March on suspicion of drunk driving. In mass media appeared information about the fact that he works for the police, but later in the capital GU Ministry of internal Affairs denied this information.

In March, the police stopped in Moscow on 20-year-old reckless driver in a Ferrari, speeding up to a speed of 245 miles per hour. The young man said, I’m not in a hurry and just rode.