Love in India proved to be deadly terrorist

Love in India was the cause of more than 38 thousand deaths between 2000 and 2015, overtaking terrorism. It is reported by The Times of India.

According to the publication, in the official police reports love can be listed as the cause of murder or suicide. At the same time over the same period, terrorist acts claimed the lives of 20 thousand Indians.

According to official statistics, partly because of the love occurred 79 thousand suicides. In addition, “because marriage” in the country also made 260 thousand of the abduction of women.

“To understand this surge of violence that hinder the freedom of choice in matters of marriage, we must understand the Patriarchal society and the caste system”, — said the publication of Professor Mind Chakravarti who study gender roles.

According to him, the rigid social structure of India can survive only by violence against those who question the Patriarchal order.