Harrison Ford escaped punishment for a dangerous convergence with an aircraft during landing

Harrison Ford

The US Federal government will not punish the famous actor Harrison Ford for what, is controlling the aircraft, while landing, he almost crashed into a passenger liner. On Monday, April 3, Reuters reported with reference to the lawyer of Stephen Hofer.

According to him, case closed. “The FAA (Federal aviation administration Feed.ru) has conducted a full investigation, including interviewing Mr Ford, and agreed that no administrative or enforcement action has no basis”, — said the lawyer, stressing that the pilot’s license, Ford can still use without restrictions.

On 13 February at the airport of John Wayne in orange County, California, United States, Harrison Ford, being at the helm of his double light aircraft Husky brand, instead of having to sit on the specified controllers strip, turned to the taxiway and almost crashed into the Boeing 777, which was carrying 110 passengers and six crew members.

Later, the FAA issued a record of negotiations of the actor in which the actor calls himself a jerk.

In March of 2015 Ford broke the collector’s plane Ryan PT-22 Recruit during the Second world war. The actor crash-landed on a Golf course near the airport, Santa Monica, California.