God of cinema Andrei Tarkovsky. What the author of “Stalker” pulled the plug

God of cinema Andrei Tarkovsky. What the author of “Stalker” pulled the plug

Movie stars — on the difficult road of the most mysterious and perhaps the most “auteur” Director of the Soviet cinema.

Famous Director Andrei Tarkovsky was born April 4, 1932 in zavrazhe a small village in the Ivanovo region. He was one of the few Russian Directors who in Soviet times had the opportunity to make films in Western Europe — “Tempodiviaggio” (1982, Russian title “Time travel”), “Nostalghia” (1983 Russian name “Nostalgia”), etc.

“It ain’t broke”mode

The British masters of cinema Tarkovsky was called neither more nor less: “Andrew is a cinematic God.” Such a high recognition in the West is absolutely not guaranteed him success and recognition (at least official) at home.

— Everything in the Soviet Union, from Tarkovsky to me, going to the movies in a very complicated way — told Aify Director Nikolai Burlyaev. — Andrew didn’t really work very long periods. All his films were declared dissident and blocked his way in the profession for a long time. It happened that Tarkovsky shot one picture every 5-6 years. But he never give up and always raged creative ideas. It was Genius, which he could not break the regime. He not only survived, but also became famous all over the world.

— When we called and offered shooting in the picture, the first thing we tried to find out who directed, who wrote the script? And then — what is the fee promised, — says the actress Natalia Belokhvostikova. I grew up in a time when a real film Director — it was God. Each of us wanted to work with Tarkovsky. If the actor was offered to play in the film, Andrei, questions, what is the role and what is the fee, never sounded. And now, unfortunately, the Directors of such number and they have a common ground represented. Blocks such as Tarkovsky, no more….

The audience hung on the chandeliers

— In the Soviet Union, your painting could release rental, but could not release, — says the actress and Director Renata Litvinova was the story with the same “Mirror” Tarkovsky. The film was not released in a big hire, he was not on the screens of big cinemas, and in some small DK. But the picture was going places because he was cool. And when finally allowed the showing of “Mirrors” at the cinema House, with people hanging on all chandeliers, the film quoted. Those who have not seen the picture, ask the other what it is to have at least something to learn. In the Soviet Union Tarkovsky was an iconic character. Now there is no respect for people who shoot non-commercial cinema.

— Now I can hear a lot of screaming about how in Soviet times, any free thought was strangled by censorship. In this famous painting “Stalker”, despite the fact that he was considered a dissident Director, was, notice, twice financed from the budget of the Union, — adds the Director and actor Nikolay Gubenko. — In fact, when the films made the first version of the installation, the result didn’t satisfy him. He appealed to the leaders of the Soviet cinematography and the state has allocated me the funds to enable them to make a copy of “Stalker”. Is it censorship?

Frame from the film “Stalker”, 1979