Fox News announced the results of its investigation into the allegations of Russian interference in the elections

Fox News announced the results of its investigation into the allegations of Russian interference in the elections

Moscow. April 4. INTERFAX.RU — Conducted by the American television channel Fox News investigation into the accusations against Russia that its activity prevented the victory of the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, did not reveal any evidence giving rise to such claims, reported Fox News.

“Many official representatives of States (oscillating — if) and the election observers said that there is nothing that would confirm the claims of the members of the Senate intelligence Committee, claiming that the spread (prepared by Russia — if) false information has influenced the election results”, — stated in the message of Fox News on the investigation.

Earlier in an interview with CNN, Senator mark Warner stated that Russia “interfered in the elections” by hacker attacks, as well as disseminating “false information paid Internet trolls” in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and it cost Clinton victories in those States.

Fox News reports that talked with officials from these States noted that during the elections there have not been any reports of violations.

No, we have not received any complaints or reports of deliberate dissemination of any misinformation. This was not during the campaign (pre-election — if) nor after it. We only recently heard about these charges from Smeland Morenovalley the representative of the authorities of Pennsylvania

Data about the “Russian intervention” was taken by Warner of the research Institute for the study of the Internet at Oxford University, however, the author of the research, Philip Howard admitted that “only on the basis of these data it is impossible to clearly conclude about the Russian influence.”

In the study, as noted by Fox News, stated, inter alia, that the share of tweets on political issues emanating at the time from Russian television channels accounted for only 2% of the total. Patrick Anderson — the expert of consulting firm Anderson Economic Group, which dealt with allegations about the “Russian trace” in the presidential elections, said channel:

Now there is evidence only of the fact that Russia didn’t do it

Fox News quotes similar statements, and other experts.