Brechalov said in Udmurtia

Alexander Brechalov

Co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front (popular front) Alexander Brechalov believes the appointment to the post of acting head of Udmurtia new challenge for myself. His words leads RIA Novosti on Tuesday, April 4.

“Interesting and original region with great economic potential, unique history and culture”, — said Brechalov. He noted that more details will be able to talk about his new job after being completely immersed in the situation in the region.

Alexander Brechalov “created for the region”, says his colleague of the popular front, film Director Stanislav Govorukhin. In an interview with National news service (NSN), he noted that Brechalov oversaw the organization’s most complex area of work — the fight against corruption.

The powers of the Secretary of the Public chamber, whose post Brechalov held in 2014, was automatically transferred to his first Deputy Vyacheslav Bocharov, told TASS in a press-service OP. The new Secretary will be elected at the meeting, the new house in early summer.

Brechalov on the appointment to the post of acting head of Udmurtia became known earlier on Tuesday. On the same day, President Vladimir Putin has sent in resignation in connection with loss of trust of Alexander Solovyov, who led the subject since February of 2014.

Solovyov accused of receiving two bribes. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia, in the period from 2014 through 2016, he got about 139 million rubles from representatives of organizations that were involved in the construction of bridges over the rivers Kama and Bui. Solovyov, according to investigators, also provided a share of the commercial organization.

Deputies of the state Council of the Udmurt Envil Kasimov and Vladimir Bodrov said that the construction of the facilities was accompanied by scandals over unpaid wages and discontent with the tariff policy.