Astronomy back in the school curriculum from September

Astronomy back in the school curriculum from September

Astronomy is introduced in the school curriculum as early as 2017. The new subject will lead physics teacher and additional hours for him to allocate will not. About it on the expanded Board of the Ministry of education and science said Olga Vasilyeva, reports Interfax.

“Let me remind you that this year the school introduced the course of astronomy. This is not surprising — astronomy given in the physics course, we have textbooks, they were always in the Federal inventory, the physics teacher prepared for the fact that they read this course not in the framework of the subject “Physics”, and in the separate of astronomy. No time changes does not happen” — said the Minister.

Earlier, the Ministry has developed amendments to the Federal state educational standard (FSES) of secondary education, which, in particular, a proposal was made to introduce a list of requirements for what should students learn from the lessons of astronomy.

So, at a basic level, according to the project, the students should make for themselves an understanding of the structure of the Solar system, evolution of stars and the Universe, to know the basic astronomical terms. At higher level students should understand the relationship of physical laws, in open ground conditions, and phenomena in the Universe.