Whoopi Goldberg has released the medication with marijuana for women

Whoopi Goldberg has released the medication with marijuana for women

Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg took the production of drugs based on marijuana designed for women. About it writes Daily Mail.

Pills 60-year-old movie star, a long time supporting the movement for the legalization of light drugs, produced in cooperation with the California expert on cannabis Maya Elizabeth (Maya Elisabeth). Their joint brand was named Whoopi & Maya.

Goldberg decided to make money from menstrual cramps. The actress said that the problem is serious. According to her, the creation of drugs inspired her complaint granddaughters on a monthly ailments.

Whoopi said that its products — not for those who want to “get high” because medical marijuana does not give such effect. Drugs, she said, will only relieve the pain and relax. The collection includes ointment that should be applied to the lower abdomen, elixirs for the bath, drops to add to tea. “School is good, but not all people can smoke it and go to work. And it is possible to carry in a handbag,” explained Goldberg.

According to the actress, Whoopi & Maya — not niche products. “Hey, this niche is half of the population”, — said the star.

The actress is Smoking marijuana through vaping and claims that the herb helps to relieve headaches related to glaucoma.

Goldberg is not the only celebrity that launched products with cannabis. She followed in the footsteps of the family of Bob Marley (the Marley Natural brand) and rapper Snoop Dogg (by Snoop Leafs).

According to the Federal laws of the United States marijuana is considered a banned substance. Possession of small amounts of marijuana is illegal. But more than 25 States (including California, where is Whoopi & Maya), allowed to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

As reminds Daily Mail, marihuana industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States (growth is more than 30 percent per year).