Vucic declared victory in the presidential elections in Serbia

Aleksandar Vucic

The current Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic announced his victory in the presidential elections of the country. As reported TASS, he thanked the citizens for their trust and pledged that the new government will be formed within two months.

“I gained 12 percent more votes than all other candidates combined. I am grateful to the people of Serbia, the rate of 56 percent is very serious. Thank you very much, long live Serbia!” the Prime Minister said.

Vucic also said that Serbia will continue its path to the European Union (EU). “But at the same time keep good relations with our traditional partners in the East — with China and Russia”, — he stressed. His first visit as head of state, as noted, he will do in Beijing.

In addition, Vucic thanked the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel that “they agreed to meet for a few days before the day of silence.” “I thank them for that, and this suggests that they think about Serbia, and not so bad about me”, — quotes its RIA Novosti.

Presidential elections in Serbia took place on 2 April. According to the Republican electoral Commission (RIK), after treatment with 56 percent of the ballots Vucic received 57,03% of the votes. According to exit polls, voted for 58.5 percent of voters. His closest rival, former Ombudsman and presidential candidate by a group of citizens “Serbia without fear” Sasha Jankovic — enlisted the support of 13.4% of citizens. Voter turnout was about 55.5 percent.

The President of Serbia is elected for five years, he performs mainly representative functions. Nevertheless, analysts believe that the new Prime Minister will be a technical figure, completely controlled by Vucic.