Trump spoke about the repeated handshakes with Merkel

Angela Merkel and Donald trump

The President of the United States Donald trump commented on the incident, which occurred at the White house during the Protocol shooting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In an interview with The Financial Times he stated that he several times shook her hand before journalists were asked to do this directly in front of the camera.

A meeting with Merkel, he called excellent. “I’m about five times I shook her hand, and then we sat on two chairs. And, perhaps, the reporter said to shake her hand. I did not hear”, — quotes TASS of the word trump.

Meeting trump and Merkel took place on March 17 in Washington. In the course of legal shooting in the oval office, trump has ignored the procedure handshake in front of reporters. Despite what Merkel said, “Want to shake hands?”, the US President nodded and continued to smile.

The White house explained what happened that the American leader did not hear the question the Chancellor. However, as noted, policy shook each other’s hands during a visit of Merkel to the White house.