Scientists have proven that laziness is contagious

Scientists have proven that laziness is contagious

People tend unconsciously to imitate someone else calculating, impatient or lazy behavior, researchers found Daniso Jean and Marie devine from the French National Institute of health and medical research.

Such qualities as prudence, impatience and laziness are considered to be permanent personality traits, which determine the actions of people in situations involving risk, delays and effort.

But a new study conducted in Paris, showed that people can “catch” someone else’s laziness or a false prudence, reports Science Daily.

To participate in the study were invited to the 56 volunteers who are asked to play a game on the computer screen displayed two pictures of different products, their prices and expected profits from their resale.

The participants explained that they should choose the best solution and to imagine how we could act on their previous players. In fact, the latter did not exist — the volunteers played with the artificial intelligence algorithms that are tuned to the manifestation of prudence, patience, or laziness.

The result was that study participants tended to other “players”, that is, they become more or less lazy, impatient or reasonable, looking back at the previous result.

Scientists have concluded that people tend to “social influence” and questioned the stability of the lazy, Thrifty or impatient behavior. Probably all three manifestations of the social activity variable and “transmitted” from person to person.

This is due to the presence of people of the ability to put ourselves in the place of others, to understand the motives and the principles they are driven. So, if you are going to finish everything on time, try not to be distracted by idleness colleagues, family members or even your cat — it’s contagious.

Of course, the study has a much more serious purpose: the authors hope to use it to assess the interaction of patients suffering from such diseases as autism and schizophrenia, with the outside world.