Restaurant in Madrid refused to serve Russian women

Restaurant in Madrid refused to serve Russian women

MADRID, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. One of the Madrid restaurants was in the center of a scandal after his Manager said the organizers of the big party Russian girls that “people of Russian origin are not welcome”. As a result, the organizers wrote a statement to the police, the owner of a group of Basque restaurants apologized, but the party held elsewhere.

On the scandal page, “Good morning, Madrid!” said the organizer of the party, which was invited by Russian-speaking girl, living in Madrid, their husbands and friends.

She wrote a statement to the police about discrimination. Then she called the owner of the group Sagardi iñaki Vinaspre, apologized “for the conduct and communication of their employee,” said that the leadership “in no case” does not agree with the “nationalist remarks about the Russian community”, suggested not to cancel the party and promised “to prepare a message with a public apology”.

From the meeting in this restaurant, the organizers flatly refused to meet at another Madrid institution.

In the group on the social network Facebook consists of more than 1200 Russian women living in the community of Madrid.