Pedal: each resident of Oslo will receive $1200 for the purchase of electric bicycles

Pedal: each resident of Oslo will receive $1200 for the purchase of electric bicycles

On 3 April in Oslo officially starts the season. Every resident of the city, the municipality pays half of the purchase of a cargo bike.

Only velosipednye Oslo allocated $1 billion of the 700-strong town located on the fjord, promotes bikes also eager, like its Scandinavian neighbors. Bicycle component is an essential part of the programme for the ecological rehabilitation of the Norwegian capital.

Now the city temporarily banned diesel cars. The city hall plans to 2019 to ban the entry of cars in the centre of Oslo, and by 2025 — completely abandon the use of private vehicles. Thus by 2030 the level of carbon emissions in the city would be zero.

Now in Oslo, there are more than 200 points of city bikes. Map of bike stations posted on a special website in the Internet. A season ticket for the season costs 299 NOK which is about $35. But for tourists, provided the Deposit for the bike about $1000.

Among the advantages of Cycling in Oslo: a compact historic centre, short distances. Unconditional cons: a mountainous landscape and inhumane to cyclists climate. However, the Norwegians and the weather, and nature can turn to their advantage. Once the inhabitants of houses built on the steep slopes of the mountains rose in their homes with ladders. And when the road tax collectors of the stairs were cleaned.

Now many Oslo residents whose homes are located on a hill, and the place of work down in the city centre, in the morning descend on the city rental bikes that are left in the center. In the evening upstairs so as not to pedal, they come back by public transport. City service at night, collects and puts the bikes. So in the morning it is possible to sit on the rolling city bike.