Officials did not rush into the oncoming lane

Officials did not rush into the oncoming lane

Officials and members almost do not interact in regions with truckers who conduct a nationwide protest over the increase in tariffs system “Platon”. Only in separate subjects of the Russian Federation in a dialogue with the protesters joined United Russia. The expert believes that the lack of contacts with the strikers can turn a protest from the economic to the political.

As stated by the Secretary of the Association of carriers of Ukraine (ODA) in Saint-Petersburg Sergey Vladimirov, the strike of truckers attended by 80 regions, from its inception, for various reasons, was arrested 250 activists. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met with the carriers on the eve of the all-Russian strike. In the end, the tariff in the framework of the “Plato” has not increased in two times, and 25%. Activists found unconvincing.

“With politicians, we do not merge, — said Sergey Vladimirov.— If one of the parties will want to support us, let them. But we don’t care who is in power. It is important that we are a club that will give the cuffs of the government.” The authorities with the strikers in St. Petersburg had no contact, he says.

The most acute situation with the protests, like last year happened in Dagestan. The drivers starting with the “home” of the strike (not left on the highway), and 27 March organized a rally from Manas to the entrance to Makhachkala and back. In it took part from 300 to 600 drivers tractors.

With the protesters on 30 March, as reported in the government of the Republic, met officials from the Ministry of transport. They explained: the amendments to the Federal law falls outside their jurisdiction. At the same time he promised to reduce in Dagestan, a transport tax, and cards of admission to international transportation to issue for five years, not one year as now. Criticism of the protesters then continued.

As stated by the Deputy of the state Duma, Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Yevgeny Revenko, “organizers made threats to drivers of heavy vehicles to join the campaign”. As an example he cited his personal meeting with the carriers in Voronezh, wondering, “how to have a dialogue with those who need the protest for the sake of protest”.

The strikers in the regions was approached in different ways. Orenburg truckers met the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Igor Sukharev. “He took the initiative, because he wanted to understand why we are on strike”, — said “Kommersant”, the coordinator of ODA Alexey Gubanov. MP promises were not given, wrote down the suggestions and said “would report higher.”

In the Astrakhan region the fraction spravorossov has suggested that the legislative Assembly accept the appeal to the government to freeze the fee increase in the system “Platon”, said the Deputy of the state Duma Oleg Shein. On Friday the Deputy from “Fair Russia” and the head of administration of the Governor rope Hantemirov met with the truckers, but they will continue to protest.

In the Saratov region with the truckers met with the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party Valery Rashkin, who promised to convey the demands to the state Duma, the presidential administration and the government. In Kazan yesterday’s rally against “Plato”, which was organized by the Association of carriers of Kazan, the party members also came only representatives of the Communist party. They promised to prohibit “Plato”.

“I communicated with the Governor — we have this problem is not urgent, but with the head of region to communicate and the people themselves”, said to “Kommersant” the Deputy of the state Duma from Stavropol territory Olga Kazakova (“United Russia”).

In Chita (Zabaykalsky Krai) to activists arrived only the Deputy chief of police for the protection of public order GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of edge Michael Ruzhnikov and the Deputy head of administration of Chita on social Affairs Alexander Glushchenko. They told the drivers that the action was not sanctioned by the authorities, and offered to travel outside of the city to a deserted place to deliver their requirements. Truckers agreed.

In Tatarstan, the police began to draw up protocols against the protesters on March 27. In particular, the “organization of an unauthorized action” (part 2 article 20.2 of the administrative code) are charged to the carrier Vladislav Abramov. Just on the side of the M7 motorway near Kazan gathered about 200 trucks, the traffic they do not overlap.

According to political scientist Andrei Kolyadina, the government should seek “speakers, who will communicate with the protesters, and economic decisions for them.”

“Parish officials to truckers could defuse the situation, people understand that the problem is solved at the level of the Federal government, but I want to be heard and on the spot, gave information about the problem upstairs. While the demands of the drivers are purely economic, but if dialogue does not happen, they will be political,” — he expects the expert.