Ivanov called the wrong gear Isaac ROC without consulting St. Petersburg

Sergei Ivanov

The authorities of St.-Petersburg was to consult with residents when deciding on the transfer of the state Museum-monument “St. Isaac’s Cathedral”, Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). This opinion was expressed by the special representative on the issues of ecology and transport Minister Sergei Ivanov on Sunday, April 2, reports TASS.

“That was not consulted with the residents, I think it’s wrong, that’s my position,” he said during a media forum of the Russian popular front (onf) “Truth and justice” in Saint-Petersburg.

March 29, 322 all of the Museum staff wrote an open letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In his message, they expressed the view that the ROC will not be able to adequately support the preservation of Isaac, also a UNESCO world heritage site.

On March 28th the municipal electoral Committee of St. Petersburg approved the registration of the initiative group for holding a referendum on the fate of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. The authors of the petition hope that now the documents on the referendum will consider the city legislative Assembly. The ROC initiative referendum called a legal nonsense.

In January, the St. Petersburg authorities have agreed to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years. Governor Georgy Poltavchenko has promised to keep the Museum function of the building. The decision caused the discontent of the citizens.