In Sweden due to threats of neo-Nazis closed Jewish center

In the Swedish city of Umea because of the constant attacks and threats from neo-Nazis closed the Jewish community center. About it reports BBC News.

The anti-Semites painted on the walls of the institution of the swastika and put up signs of threats. Once they smashed a car parked outside the building. According to the community representative Karin Sjöberg (Carinne Sjoberg), because of the constant problems many visitors have stopped to visit. She noted that the campaign is likely a neo-Nazi organization Nordfront.

The Jews umeå not intend to abandon the community meetings: they are already looking for new premises closer to the centre of the city, whose security is easier to ensure.

The Secretary-General of the Jewish organizations of Sweden Isak Reichel (Isak Reichel) told the TV station that neo-Nazis most of the problems in Gothenburg and umeå, and in the southern city of malmö, the main threats come from radical Islamists.

On 23 March it was reported that the Israeli police arrested the teenager, who was on the phone to the Jewish centers in the U.S. and threatened laid the bomb.