“Classmates” launched analogue Safe Check after the explosion in St. Petersburg

“Classmates” launched analogue Safe Check after the explosion in St. Petersburg

Russian social network “Odnoklassniki” and “Vkontakte” launched the function of security checks after the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg.

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As reported by RBC representative of “Odnoklassniki” social network have activated the option “I’m safe” for living or staying in St. Petersburg users.

Function allows you to check whether friends and family, set the status to the page and learn the emergency phone numbers. The function works in the mobile and web versions.

In fact this is the first situation in which, to our great regret, we had to activate the application.the representative of “Classmates”

The same function ran and “Vkontakte”. The social network sent to all the users who potentially were in the affected area, messages from vk.com/id100 about the explosion in St. Petersburg. If you answer “Yes” to the message of the social network, on the user’s wall automatically appears the entry: “I’m all right.”

Previously the social network Facebook introduced the function of informing about the state of the user Safe Check.

Monday at 14:40, an explosion occurred in the train St. Petersburg metro on the stretch “Sennaya” — “Institute of Technology”. The explosion killed 9 people, injured more than 20, the NAC reported. According to “Interfax”, exploded an improvised explosive device of small capacity, which was Packed with shrapnel.

The explosion in the subway in Saint Petersburg

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Tecnologica now. #Explosion pic.twitter.com/P7LL8kXpHr

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Explosive device in the St. Petersburg metro was striking elements, media reported https://t.co/EhEKR3CSTF pic.twitter.com/htfxeuOnMe

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The power of the explosions were small — 200 and 300 g in a trotyl equivalent, the Source TASS pic.twitter.com/mkto0SeJrD

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The scene of the explosion. Online https://t.co/ooAqgLSM5G pic.twitter.com/iHdWhXi2vy

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SadovayaSennaya closed#explosion #Peter pic.twitter.com/ZxhTGTLUmw

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