Venezuela considers interference in the internal Affairs of action of MERCOSUR

Venezuela considers interference in the internal Affairs of action of MERCOSUR

MEXICO city, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. Venezuelan authorities considered interference in the internal Affairs of action southern common market (MERCOSUR), made a statement regarding the situation in the country, said Saturday the Venezuelan foreign Ministry.

Earlier, the foreign Ministers of the founding countries of MERCOSUR at a special meeting demanded Venezuela to take measures to ensure real separation of powers in the country and said the possibility of activation of the so-called Ushuaia Protocol, involving the suspension of membership for violation of democratic norms.

“This new act of intervention in the Affairs of Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its categorical rejection of the meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs (MERCOSUR) in Buenos Aires exceeded their powers and competence, as well as insisting on unlawful violation of the status of a member state of MERCOSUR for Venezuela. They took action outside the legal and institutional components of this organization and international law”, — quotes the channel Globovision statement of the foreign Minister of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez.

The decision to conduct an emergency meeting of MERCOSUR was made on Friday after the Supreme court of Venezuela stated that it had taken on the role of the legislature is Parliament, which is under the control of the opposition, and deprived him of his deputies of immunity. However, on Saturday morning, that decision was reversed by the Supreme court.

MERCOSUR — common market of South American countries uniting-Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Venezuela (joined in 2013). As a fully fledged Association was formed in 1991, when the Asuncion Treaty was signed on the establishment of the customs Union and common market. MERCOSUR brings together 250 million people and more than 75% of the continent’s GDP. In December 2016, Caracas was notified of the termination of his rights in MERCOSUR. Relations between Venezuela and MERCOSUR has worsened in connection with the position of Brazil and Paraguay, who believed that Venezuela is not prepared to assume the interim chairmanship of the organization in connection with the political crisis in the country.