Tillerson reassured NATO allies

Tillerson reassured NATO allies

Moscow. April 1. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson reassured NATO allies of the United States ‘ commitment to the principles of the Alliance, wrote in Politico Saturday.

“The United States want to be sure that NATO is able to provide for our common defense, he said. — We understand that a threat against one of us is a threat to everyone, and we will give the appropriate response”.

The head of the state Department came to a meeting of foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO despite the fact that for some time his visit was questionable. Tillerson was ready to cancel the trip to take in the US, Chinese leader XI Jinping, whose arrival coincided with the meeting in Brussels. As a result, the representatives of the 27 member States moved the event to the Secretary of state was able to come.

According to Politico, many in the Alliance were concerned about the position of the state Department, however, the Tillerson’s speech in Brussels was greeted warmly. And his statement about Russia made in an informal setting during lunch, aroused applause.

In response to the remark of one of his colleagues, who, speaking about relations of Russia and the United States, recalled that “it takes two to tango”, Tillerson said, “Sure, you can dance with Russia, you can even win something. But obviously you can’t dance with Sergei Lavrov, because he is not allowed to dance”. This phrase was met with applause, eyewitnesses say.

Politico interlocutors in diplomatic circles said that Tillerson had in mind that in Russia all decisions are made by only one person.