The apartment homes at Paveletskaya square found three bodies

The Metropolitan police found in the apartment on Paveletskaya square, the bodies of three young people with no signs of violent death. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow” with reference to the source.

Call on service “02” received from a woman born in 1967, registered address Paveletskaya square, building 1. She reported that the apartment in this house is her son and not opening the door.

Police arrived on the scene opened the door and found three dead bodies including the body of the woman’s son. It is established that young men died in the night of 2 April. The reason, according to preliminary data, was drug intoxication.

In February in Melbourne more than 20 people hospitalized after a drug overdose at an electronic music festival Electric Parade. All of them were in critical condition, poisoning synthetic gamma-hydroxybutyric acid.