Russian defense Ministry: coalition in Iraq hides the crimes of the militants

Russian defense Ministry: coalition in Iraq hides the crimes of the militants

MOSCOW, April 2. /TASS/. The coalition headed by the USA in Iraq hides the war crimes of the terrorists and brings about the death and suffering of civilians.


This was stated by the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, commenting on the statements by the spokesperson of the coalition, Joseph Skrocki, who promised to “study the issue of declassification of the video” how the militants hiding civilians in a building in Mosul, which then are fired to provoke retaliation.

“Note D. Scrocca such a fact — not that other, as a grave war crime. Therefore, immediately two questions arise. First, what motives drive us command that hides the veil of secrecy the war crimes of terrorists from the international community? And secondly, why the US-led international coalition, with this information, it is still their “smart bombs” causes the air strikes on buildings with civilians, knowingly condemning them to a terrible death?” — said Konashenkov.

Earlier Scrocca told reporters that the issue of declassification of the video, showing the militants hiding civilians in the building in Western Mosul, to provoke the coalition strikes. He also said that “coalition is not going to retreat, when (the struggle) becomes severe or there is a lot of pressure”.

“Absurd statements by the representatives of the Pentagon, justifying the mass civilian casualties from U.S. bombing in Iraq, say more words about the true level planning processes and the alleged superiority of American “smart” bombs,” — said Konashenkov.

As noted by the representative of the Russian Ministry of defense, thus we see the difference in the actions of the Russian aerospace forces during the liberation of Aleppo and the U.S. air force in Mosul. “In Aleppo, the aircraft of Russian air force was not applied at all. All the attention was focused on the work of humanitarian passages, as well as the delivery and provision of comprehensive care to local residents. In Mosul, according to a spokesman for the coalition of Joseph Scrocca, despite the civilian casualties, the coalition “does not intend to retreat even when the battle is heavy.” About some of the humanitarian aspects of the operation, or simply easing the suffering of civilians, it turns out, cannot be and speeches”, — concluded Konashenkov.