Pushkov commented on military exercises in Germany with the “Russian” extras


RIA Novosti

The intention of NATO and, in particular, of the US army to be held in Germany exercise involving Russian-speaking supernumeraries evidence of the hostile intentions of the Alliance on the preparation of military actions against Russia; Russia should Express its position with regard to these doctrines by the foreign Ministry, the defense Ministry and the Council NATO — Russia, said RIA Novosti member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Alexei Pushkov.

Earlier, the German staffing Agency Optronic HR confirmed that looking for Russian-speaking extras for American military exercises in Germany. Daily compensation ranges from 88 to 120 euros. In the explanation on the Agency’s website says, the extras need “for role-playing games in the training exercises of the U.S. army.”

“I believe that the Council NATO-Russia, and through the Ministry of defence and Ministry of foreign Affairs, we have to make a submission, as this information clearly indicates hostile intent in the preparation of hostilities against Russia, despite their public statements to the contrary”, — said Pushkov.