Regardie announced the realignment of forces in the summer of 2018

Photo: TASS The first Deputy head of the National guard of the Russian Federation Sergey Melikov said that Regardie regroup to ensure the safety of the regions where will pass the world championship on football in 2018. About it reports TASS. Melikov said that the subjects “will strengthen” due to the rearrangement of personnel on an ongoing basis “whether it be a business trip for the period of implementation of tasks”. “The number of units, we will increase somewhere by optimizing the organizational structure, and somewhere it will reduce. This will affect the units, which are not so popular as before in connection with the transition to us police agencies,” – said the Deputy head of the national guard. He added that Regardie already is preparing to host this summer’s confederations Cup matches which will be held in four regions of Russia. Melikov called it a “dress rehearsal” before the

“The Republic is not master” Kadyrov told the details of the meeting with Medvedev

Photo: TASS The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has discussed with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that construction of the second phase of the airport of Grozny. About this Kadyrov said on his page on Instagram. Kadyrov said Medvedev, that the airport “is actually close to exhaustion,” since “it was introduced on a temporary basis”. “Every day in terrible arrive businessmen, foreign delegations, dramatically increasing the flow of passengers, the geography of flights. But there are limits. He achieved”, – said the head of Chechnya. Also, according to him, they met the Prime Minister talked about “assistance in provision of equipment to national hospital and Perinatal center.” “On their own Republic is not master, and to work with a full load of major hospitals can not be due to the lack of necessary equipment”, – said the politician. In addition, Kadyrov and Medvedev “paid special attention” to problems of landslide phenomena.

Peskov commented on the “investigation” FBK about the property Medvedev

Peskov commented on the “investigation” FBK about the property Medvedev MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called populist contained in the publications FBK Alexei Navalny allegations of corruption in Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, explaining that the declarations of civil servants are audited annually, and the income information transparent to the authorities responsible for the fight against corruption. “All of us, as bureaucrats, as the people who work for the government, every year, submit returns of income and expenditure in the special bodies that check and double-check these declarations. Therefore, all our, shall we say, the income is actually very transparent to those authorities who require this information and which are responsible for the fight against corruption in our country”, — said Peskov in interview to TV channel ABC at the request of the journalist to comment on the publication of the

Merkel urged refugees to respect the laws and values of Germany

Merkel urged refugees to respect the laws and values of Germany BERLIN, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti, angelina Timofeeva. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged refugees to respect the laws and values of Germany, “be curious” in relation to the life of the Germans. The head of government said in an interview with the Syrian journalist Hamdi al-Kassar (Hamdi Al Kassar), laid out in a traditional video podcast of the Chancellor. “We expect that people who come to us will follow our laws that they will show some curiosity about our lives,” said Merkel, adding that the refugees who arrived in Germany “in search of security”, must respect “the values that the country lives”. You can tell if something is not clear, but you need to respect and adhere to etaloanele Erkelenzer Germany According to Merkel and the Germans should “be open.” We know very little about Syria, we know very

Trump is left with the solemn ceremony of announcement of the decrees, forgetting to sign them

Trump is left with the solemn ceremony of announcement of the decrees, forgetting to sign them MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump left the signing ceremony of the Executive decrees relating to trade issues, forgetting to sign the documents, the newspaper said Hill. On widespread in the media video shows how trump went to the Oval office for the announcement of the decrees, however, left the room before signing the documents. Noticing this, Vice-President Mike Pence tried to catch the head of state, however, trump did not return. After that, Penny returned to the Desk, took the documents and left the room. As the newspaper notes, as a rule, the U.S. President signs laws in the presence of the press in the oval office. Trump has gone away, presumably after one of the reporters asked the President a question about his former

Announced last will Yevtushenko

Eugene Autosarcophagy: the cause of death Yevtushenko The poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who died April 1 in the United States, asked to be buried in suburban Peredelkino near Boris Pasternak. The last will of the writer announced the General producer of the festival of Yevtushenko Sergey Vinnikov, reports TASS. “Sergei, I am in a very serious condition in the hospital, the doctors predict my imminent departure — Vinnikov words of the poet. — I apologize to you that you very much failed. But I beg you that our planned projects together — evening at the Great hall of the Conservatory and play in the Kremlin Palace took place without me. Promise me this. I will die with a clear conscience”. “And again, I ask you to convey my request for the issue of my burial place in Russia in Peredelkino near the grave of Pasternak”, he added. This conversation between Yevtushenko,

The death toll from flooding and mudslides in Colombia exceeded 250

In Colombia in the floods and mudslides killed at least 254 people. About it reports Reuters. Earlier it was reported 154 victims. In addition, about 400 people were injured, 200 missing. In the disaster area was the town of Mocoa, capital of the southwestern province of Putumayo. Heavy rains led to the fact that the rivers overflowed. Houses and cars were flooded with water, mud, rocks and debris. To search and rescue operations in 17 districts involved more than 1,100 soldiers and police. In mocoa, President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

British airports and nuclear power plants is prescribed to strengthen protection against terrorist attacks

Heathrow Airport In the UK, to airports and nuclear power plants is prescribed to strengthen the protection against terrorist attacks because of increasing threats to electronic security. About this newspaper The Telegraph. For the last day intelligence agencies have issued a series of notifications, warning that terrorists may have developed methods that bypass security systems. They point out that Islamic state and other terrorist groups have developed ways of laying explosives in laptops and mobile phones that may allow you to pass checks at airports. Also, there are fears that hackers working for terrorists who might try to circumvent security of nuclear power plants. Intelligence agencies warn that terrorists, foreign spies and “hacktivists” will seek to exploit vulnerabilities in the protection industry. As previously reported, American intelligence agencies believe that ISIS and other extremist groups have developed a new way to install explosive devices in different gadgets, which they can’t

Archaeologists have discovered near Moscow a secret room

In Moscow archaeologists in monitoring the preparatory work on the program “My street” found at the base of the Kitay-Gorod wall “hearing” — the chamber of secrets, helped the defenders of Moscow in the XVI century to eavesdrop on the enemy on the other side of fortress construction. This was reported on the website of the municipality. “Archaeologists in one of the trenches opposite the Church of St. John the theologian under the Elm saw a small room with arched walls. It’s embedded in the kitaigorodskaya wall at the level of the Foundation. Presumably, there was a theological tower of China-town,” explained the chief archaeologist of Moscow Leonid Kondrashov. In the area of Lubyanka and New square, where workers were preparing sites for future tranches of the laying of utilities, the archaeologists found more than 150 artifacts of the XVI–XIX centuries. These are fragments of pottery, copper coins, iron household

Living abroad Russians interested in presidential election

The Russia’s Central election Commission receives complaints from compatriots abroad, ready to take an active part in the presidential election campaign. It is reported RT with reference to the CEC member Vasily Likhachev on Friday, March 31. According to him, letters from non-profit organizations and expert groups of Russians living abroad began to arrive mid-February. Treatment come, particularly from Germany, Israel, Latvia and Lithuania, said Likhachev. “They propose measures for improving the work of the Russian diplomatic missions, such as expanding the number of adoptive. Want to see the representatives of Russian political parties and journalists,” — said CEC member. He is confident that closer to the presidential campaign, the interest of compatriots will increase. Likhachev believes that it is necessary to Orient the party that will nominate its candidate for the presidential elections, “a more active presence in the campaign abroad”. According to him, abroad are about 32 million