Media: London for great deals on Brexit plans to use the theme of “Russian aggression”

Media: London for great deals on Brexit plans to use the theme of “Russian aggression”

MOSCOW, April 2. /TASS/. The UK government in the negotiations on Brexit intends to appeal to the security problem in Europe because of alleged “increased Russian aggression” to make the best for his country a deal on the conditions of exit from the community.

On Saturday night, reported the electronic version of the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which was the Protocol of last March 7 meeting of the British Ministers on Brexit.

According to the publication, the discussion was opened by the Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson, who said that the UK has “a strong position” at the negotiating table when it comes to security. He also noted that “we should not play the role of supplicant” when it comes to defense, and to be aware of its tactical advantage.

“The feeling of insecurity in Europe since the cold war is now as strong as ever. There is increased aggression on the part of Russia, said in turn Minister of defense Michael Fallon. — The EU needs to our capabilities.” He expressed confidence that the UK has a trump card in security matters.

The Minister of UK leaving EU David Davis agreed with the above. “The United Kingdom has a strong position in Europe is in a panic about defence policy and cooperation,” he said, stressing that the British should not underestimate their position. In turn, the Finance Minister Philip Hammond indicated that the government should not agree to talks on economic conditions, which would prevent the UK to collaborate with European countries in the field of security.

Prime Minister Theresa may also, according to the publication, present at the meeting stressed that security and defence are “key issues for the EU” and in this respect Britain is “a strong position”.

In the British government, specifies The Daily Telegraph, refused to comment on this information and assured that Britain intends to establish a “deep and special partnership with the EU, including in the field of security.”

Mei on Wednesday informed the EU authorities to initiate the procedure for withdrawal from the European community. From this point on was involved in the 50th article of the Lisbon agreement on the EU launching a two-year procedure of negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the community. Prior to the completion of negotiations, the United Kingdom will continue to be a member of the EU.

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