Konashenkov expressed surprise cover-up U.S. crimes of terrorists in Mosul

Igor Konashenkov

Official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov expressed surprise that the US is hiding the crimes of terrorists in the Iraqi city of Mosul and strikes at buildings with civilians, knowing the provocation. His words leads RIA Novosti.

“What motives drive American command that hides the veil of secrecy the war crimes of terrorists from the international community?” — it asked a question. “Why the US-led international coalition, with this information, it is still their “smart bombs” causes the air strikes on buildings with civilians, knowingly condemning them to a terrible death?” — the General said.

According to him, the absurd statements of the Pentagon, justifying mass casualties from bombings in Iraq, show the true level of planning operations. He recalled that earlier, a spokesman for the US-led international coalition Joseph Scrocca told reporters that the issue of declassification of the video, which shows how the militants hiding civilians in the building West of Mosul, from which then are fired to provoke the retaliation of the coalition.

Comparing the actions of counterterrorism forces in Aleppo and Mosul, Konashenkov said on “stylistic” differences in the action of the Russian space forces and the U.S. air force. He stressed that the Russian air force in Aleppo were not used, attention was focused on the humanitarian sphere. In Mosul, according to a spokesman for the coalition of Joseph Scrocca, despite the civilian casualties, the coalition “is not going to back down, even when the fight becomes difficult,” — said Konashenkov. Therefore, on some humanitarian aspects of the operation of the U.S. air force in Mosul may not be out of the question, concluded the General.

Operation in the West of Mosul held with the participation of aircraft of the international coalition. However, due to the increased number of victims among the civilian population, the Iraqi security forces on 28 March decided to temporarily stop fighting.

Earlier Iraqi media outlets reported that the March 17 bombing of Mosul killed about 200 civilians. The coalition’s statement, released on Saturday, April 1, said she is guilty in the death of at least 396 civilians in the years 2014-2017 in Iraq and Syria to the air strikes.