In Washington, there was a kite Festival

In Washington, there was a kite Festival

WASHINGTON, April 2. /Offset. TASS Boris Makarov/. Thousands of kites of all shapes, sizes and colors soared in the sky of Washington on Saturday in the framework of the kite Festival held in the centre of the us capital, near the Washington monument.

Observation of the correspondent of TASS, the festival day was attended by several thousand people as participants or spectators visited tens of thousands. The festival brought together lovers of the amusements of the different States, in addition, took part in the event and tourists.

The cherry blossoms make for a perfect backdrop at the @CherryBlossFest Kite Festival! ?Get in on the fun through 4:30pm! @ABC7News

— Eileen Whelan (@ABC7EileenW) April 1, 2017.

“A great reason to get out with the kids, the whole family. And weather is on order!” — admitted TASS Jessica, who came to the festival from the neighboring district of Columbia, Maryland with his family. This day was clear and very windy.

And professionals and beginners

The event saw as the real experts in the field of launch kites, and those who decided to participate. For the first there were organized team competitions, in which in several rounds of the four couples had to battle in the air snake of the enemy, thus leaving the air own. In this contest used a special snake in the shape of hexagons. In addition, they held a mini-tournament on maneuvering the tethered devices in the air the music: the virtuosos received special prizes from the organizers.

This cow took to the air at the Kite Festival at the Washington Monument today#cherryblossomdc2017 #kitefestival …

— Kevin P Jennings (@kevinpjennings) April 1, 2017.

For beginners and interested passers-by were organized master-classes on designing kites. In a nearby tent enthusiasts were asked to decorate the faceless cloth by using crayons and paints. Not without breakdowns, which was organized a special repair item called “Doctor snakes”. There was serviced and snakes that participated in the competition, but the victims of the disaster.


Entertained the guests of the festival competitions and master classes: next to the Washington monument was organized a concert platform where for almost the entire event were the musicians.

At the DC Kite Festival during Cherry Blossom Festival wishing Hillary Clinton were in the White House instead of repugnant #DonaldTrump

— Giovanna Dominguez T (@abuelitagiovi) April 1, 2017.

The kite festival was held in Washington in the framework of the National festival of flowering cherries, the beginning of which this year was given on March 15th and it will last until April 16. Cherry blossoms is celebrated in Washington DC every year and is accompanied by a whole range of different activities: concerts, lectures, children’s mugs, and ending the festival this year will be a spectacular firework display.